Best Tennis Player Of All Time

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Best Tennis Player Of All Time

Select ATP tennis tour rankings for any week for any player, and even show just Sampras ( weeks) for second place in the all-time list of most weeks in top. Die Daten hinter all seinen Spielen zeigen, wie er zum besten Tennisspieler aller he has played reveals how he became the best tennis player of all time. Despite the challenge, here is my list of the ten greatest male tennis players of the Open Era - to Rod Laver is the Greatest Tennis Player of All Time.

Greatest Tennis Players of All Time

1. Roger Federer, 2. Rafael Nadal, 3. Steffi Graf, 4. Pete Sampras, 5. Martina Navratilova. Tennis Maestros: The Twenty Greatest Male Tennis Players of All Time (English Edition) eBook: Bercow, John: Kindle-Shop. Select ATP tennis tour rankings for any week for any player, and even show just Sampras ( weeks) for second place in the all-time list of most weeks in top.

Best Tennis Player Of All Time 19. Guillermo Vilas Video

Top 10 Greatest Tennis Players Of All Time

Nadal and Djokovic are the. Tennis Maestros: The Twenty Greatest Male Tennis Players of all Time: Amazon.​de: Bercow, John: Fremdsprachige Bücher. Tennis Maestros: The Twenty Greatest Male Tennis Players of All Time (English Edition) eBook: Bercow, John: Kindle-Shop. 1. Roger Federer, 2. Rafael Nadal, 3. Steffi Graf, 4. Pete Sampras, 5. Martina Navratilova. 3/9/ · Roger Federer can easily be considered one of the top tennis players of all time. Born in Switzerland in , this year-old player became a professional player in and is still winning titles today (like Wimbledon in ). 2/6/ · In my opinion Nadal is the best of all time since his head to head against Fader is 60% and against Djokovic its just shy of 50% although Nadal holds the edge over Djokovic as he has more records and titles and Nadal is the player with the highest percentage of wins in history at 83%. 2/16/ · A list of the five best men's tennis players in the history of the sport. Advertisement The debate over the greatest men's tennis player of all time has been going on for a long while. Tennis Tracker: the simplest tennis statistics tracking app! Stars list of all users who voted. Spielkarte well. You may need to download version 2. Did we get it right? She and Venus still dislike playing each other. Reginald Doherty. Guillermo Vilas Argentina.

Do more thorough research than that and come back to us. Steffi Graf, the most overrated player of all time. Pathetic choice to put Hingis on the top 10 list.

So many other players deserve to be there and not Hingis. She could not absorb power. How dare Hingis have the audacity to call Amelie Mauresmo half a man!

Shame on you Hingis! Absolutely zero respect for Hingis. No credit at all because no credit is due. All credit to the opponents of Hingis.

Stop mentioning your favourites. The majority of readers are only interested in the greatest. There is a big difference. Get over it, Hingis fans.

So the person who actually wins the most isn't the best here? Alternative facts apparently being used as the criteria. Margret Court is the best.

That is the record Serena is currently in pursuit of. When or maybe if Serena beats her record she will be the best possibly.

But she still would have a ways to go to get her combined doubles and mixed doubles total record. You, Shiksha, have absolutely no evidence to back up your claims, where as I do.

I rest my case. Another totally inaccurate and totally unacceptable statement from you! My friends and I are laughing profusely at your lack of tennis knowledge.

We are all happy to debate with you any issue you want about tennis. Let the games begin Shiksha, and the winner is Tennis Historian.

We can be a figure of speech, or agreeing with other people who have a similar opinion to us. How would you like it Shiksha if I accused you, Arivinder, Tashbi and Surya of being the same person?

Favourite player or not, I will keep arguing and debating the issue that Maria Sharapova has won the same number of Grand Slam singles titles, 5, as Martina Hingis.

The measure of greatness is winning every Grand Slam singles title on every surface and nothing you will say will convince me otherwise.

Shishka, you like to quote Asad. Shishka, I stand by my comment regarding Sharapova. She has won every Grand Slam singles title on every surface, whereas Hingis has not.

It has nothing to do with favourites, otherwise I would mention the likes of Wozniacki, Radwanska, etc, who have won 1 and no Grand Slam titles respectively.

As for your disrespectful comment about a thesis, many times people have come back to me, stating where is your evidence to back up your claims.

We are all entitled to our own opinion. What do you know about tennis, Shishka? Why not have our own opinion, Shishka, if we disagree with the rankings?

We believe several players were hard done by and will continue to defend them, while we maintain strong views about the issue. Many things in life are open to debate.

Just have a look at the corresponding article of the greatest male tennis players of all time, where people have continually mounted their cases for either Nadal, Laver, Djokovic or Federer for being the greatest male player of all time.

Isn't it strange that All 5 recent comments are time compressed and stating same thing in same words Shiksha you don't know tennis We or I should say 'I' know tennis better Because it seems to me the same person has written all comments or persuaded his pals to write Lolx anyways who soever you are man go get a life I agree with authors list.

By the way when you Dnt agree then why you bother to waste time here Mr Donald paul gary Mr Tennis Historian You know its quite evident that you are also doing wt m saying Who cd have imagined putting sharapova with likes of Seles and Court Sharapova is no where close to those greats or even close to Serena or Henin.

But yes since she is your favorite like mine is Graff so its gud for you to keep wherever you want to keep on your list. Thats my point and i was referring to someone whi Said list is not appropriate So Mr Bill has atleast stated his reasons with his list and we should appreciate that.

That was my point. You did not need to write whole thesis just to say you like sharapova. You like her so be it.

No problem. Therefore, I choose not to name them because they are nowhere near the greatest. I think people have made very good cases for those above 3 named players to be ranked higher than they should.

Many of my favourite female tennis players have never even won a Grand Slam singles title. People like myself, are well aware that you will have always have people agreeing or disagreeing with you.

Trophies and recognition however are given out to the winners of all Grand Slam tournaments. Believe me, Shishka, Grand Slam titles won is the main focus of determining who is the greatest.

By the way Shishka, since you come across as having strong views, what do you think should be the criteria for determining the greatest female tennis players of all time?

Give us a break Shishka. Come on, Shishka, use your common sense. Shishka, just because someone has bothered to do research does not mean they are right with their rankings.

Tyrone did do his own list anyway. Poor Shishka! I had to laugh out loud at your comment. For someone, who thinks tennis is a game, you seem very offended.

Your comment, Shishka, was totally unwarranted and totally acceptable. Hey Shishka, we have got an opinion just like you.

Vamos Rafa! Rafa has won 7 Grand Slam singles titles away from clay, the same number of Grand Slam singles titles that the great John McEnroe won in his whole career.

Therefore, Rafa is determined to win more Grand Slam singles titles away from clsy as he definitely has the game to do it.

Table of Contents. Related Posts. Aussie Tennis Fan October 12, Mr Anthony Mccluskey December 30, Both Rafael and roger won gold at the Rio Olympics?

Sure this was actually Andy Murray…. SportyTell December 31, Mary Simpson December 30, Oluseyi Folorunso December 31, Andy Murray was just like Wawrinka, born in the wrong era.

Despite being in the shadow of the big 3 during most of his career, there is no other player that have been as competitive against them than Andy Murray himself.

For several years when Andy Murray was in his prime, I would like to rename the big 3 to big 4 with Andy Murray included. He was actually the world No.

He got an impressing 3 Grand Slam titles to his name, but that could be much more, he lost during his career, 8 grand slam finals. He won a total of 6 Grand Slam singles titles and a former world record of 17 doubles titles.

John Newcombe was known for his speed, deadly forehand and serve. Newcombe was also known for being at his best in the most important matches. An example of this is that he played 10 Wimbledon finals during his career and only lost one of them.

He was also one of the most consistent players in the world, being ranked inside the top 10 for over 10 consecutive years John Newcombe successful career have gone down in the history as one of the greatest of all time.

Most talented tennis player born in the 19th century? Mats Wilander was only 17 years old when he won hist first French Open title , which is still today the youngest player ever to win a Grand Slam title.

With 19 singles titles at Grand Slam championships, her well-rounded game made her a celebrity. She was a trendsetter in tennis as well, being the first to wear knee-length pleated skirts instead of the longer ones that were in style before she began playing.

She never won the Australian Open, but that tournament was not the same level back then, so it should not be held against her.

Winning four French Open, eight Wimbledons and seven U. Open titles is truly remarkable, regardless of era. With that said, she had a ton of success as a child prodigy, and she hung around enough to have considerable success in doubles as well.

The Belgium one-hander could win points at any time by ripping backhands from all angles. That lead to seven Grand Slam singles titles, and a dominant run at the French Open.

She was slowing down before she even turned 30 years old, and had to step away from the game. However, her ability to dominate in the first half of the s is hard to overlook.

When Venus Williams first started winning at the WTA level in , many thought that she was well on her way to being the next dominant star.

However, there was one person who would be in her way and never really allowed her to dominate the game. It just so happens that it was her sister Serena, who largely overshadowed her throughout her career.

She was particularly great on grass courts, winning five Wimbledon championships. Today, the ultimate pursuit in tennis is to win the Grand Slam; winning all four Grand Slam events in the same calendar year.

In the history of men's tennis, only two players have won the calendar Grand Slam, Don Budge and Rod Laver and This is followed by a career Grand Slam, a feat achieved by a player winning each of the Majors during their career, which eight players have done.

Winning just one of these Major events in a year is a sought-after achievement but winning all four or more consecutively, if we apply Prochnow's analysis retrospectively in Budge's case, transforms a player into a legend.

When we reflect on the modern era of the sport, tennis has clear separations during its history, such as the first official Majors sanctioned by the world governing body of tennis its separate tours amateur and professional , the eligibility to compete at Grand Slam Majors or the surface aspects of the tournaments.

In the history of those early Majors, only one player won all three in the same year, Anthony Wilding , arguably the first world champion.

During a period of 40 years, only two players achieved the calendar Pro Grand Slam in the history of the professional tour, Ken Rosewall and Laver Prior to , only amateurs could enter the Grand Slam tournaments.

This was changed in , after which both professionals and amateurs could compete for the tennis Majors. There are also several other facets to take into consideration in defining great tennis players, such as winning all calendar year Majors consecutively on offer at the time World Champs and Pro Slams on three different surfaces.

Only those same three players did so not only by surface, [15] but also different environments indoors and outdoors.

When the Professional Majors were abolished in , the Grand Slam Majors were still only being played on two exclusive surfaces, grass and clay.

In , the US Open switched surface to a hardcourt thus re-creating a third unique surface. This is arguably the best date in defining the beginning of the Modern Era of tennis.

Only one other player has achieved the new term, a "Surface Slam", winning three consecutive Majors on three distinct surfaces, that being Rafael Nadal in These are some of the important records since the start of the first Grand Slam tournament held at The Wimbledon Championships.

All statistics are based on data provided by the ATP Tour website, [16] [17] the ITF [18] and other available sources, even if this isn't a complete list due to the time period involved.

The career achievement of winning all four major championships during a players career is termed a " Career Grand Slam ".

A players who holds all four major titles in one calendar year has achieved the ' Grand Slam'. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

All-time tennis records — men's singles , covers the period from to present. Before the beginning of the Open Era in April , only amateurs were allowed to compete in established tennis tournaments, including the four Grand Slams also known as the Majors.

Beginning in and continuing to the present day, all four Majors have been played yearly, with the exception of during the two World Wars, for the Australian Open, and for Wimbledon.

There was no prize money and players were compensated for travel expenses only. A player who wins all four Majors, in singles or as part of a doubles team, in the same calendar year is said to have achieved a "Grand Slam".

If the player wins all four consecutively, but not in the same calendar year, it is called a "Non-Calendar Year Grand Slam".

Winning all four at some point in a career, even if not consecutively, is referred to as a "Career Grand Slam". Winning the four Majors and a gold medal in tennis at the Summer Olympics in the same calendar year has been called a "Golden Slam" since They played in separate professional events and were banned from competing any of the four Grand Slam tournaments.

They mostly competed on pro tours involving head-to-head competition, but also in professional tournaments as the biggest events on the pro tour.

These tournaments held with a certain tradition and longevity. Pro Tennis Championships , played at a variety of different venues and on a variety of different surfaces, between and , although it was no longer a Major after Between and , the U.

Maybe one of, if not the best, strikers of the ball ever. Hits the ball very clean, taking time away from the opponent.

A great competitor, a great mover. Just a smart player. He knew his capabilities and his opponents' weaknesses. He loved having a target when guys came in.

He would pass you every time. Greatness was predicted for Agassi even before he turned pro at age He proved worthy of the hype six years later, when he won his first Grand Slam title at Wimbledon in Agassi, seeded No.

Agassi was a flashy pitchman who made a major splash in the endorsement world. He went on to win seven more Grand Slam singles championships, two Davis Cup titles and an Olympic gold medal.

Very aggressive. She always wanted to be at the net. She had, I think, the most technically sound volleys of anyone in that era.

She was a great competitor, fearless out there. She hated to lose. She had the best backhand in the game.

It was versatile, topspin or slice. Many observers know King best for her historic victory over outspoken former Wimbledon men's champion Bobby Riggs in the famed Battle of the Sexes in Riggs had repeatedly disparaged female tennis players and boasted that, even at age 55, he could beat King.

Much more impressive, however, are her record 20 Wimbledon championships -- six in singles, 10 in doubles and four in mixed doubles.

The biggest thing was how athletic she was. She was a terrific serve-and-volleyer. One thing that really helped her was our coach, Harry Hopman, who would bring her down to [men's] practice.

She felt that working with the guys gave her a bit of an edge. Speedwise, she was the fittest of all of us. It's not easy to identify the career zenith of a player who won a record 24 Grand Slam singles championships and another 40 in doubles.

But even in that context, the streak Court enjoyed from January to January is extraordinary. In , he won the French Open and reached the U.

Throughout and , he spent 58 weeks as the world No. Lleyton Hewitt , world No. The Australian was a savvy, versatile competitor who may not have been as popular in his heyday as he was later in his career, but he deserves credit for being part of a new wave of male tennis stars and for making backwards caps on the court a thing.

He won 17 events, including two Grand Slams and a record 46 straight wins. The brightly-clothed, heavy-hitting Brazilian retired in due to multiple hip surgeries, having made his mark on the history of tennis in more ways than one.

Fans loved his love for the sport. He wore his heart on his sleeve and, on one occasion en route to winning his third French Open, he drew a heart in the clay with his racquet and laid down inside it.

A speedy, intelligent, fiercely competitive player, Chang never reached the top world ranking, but he was No.

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Thanks to those points, the Swiss gained two positions on the list, passing Denis Shapovalov and Karen Khachanov and competing in Prague again this week, reaching the quarters but withdrawing due Was Bedeutet Cashback an injury. Hard to argue with that back then Adam Bilzerian a record holding 14 grand slam titles. Thats my point and i was referring to someone whi Said list is not appropriate He is not only known as one of the most successful tennis players of all time, but also due to his 30 year long career. Question: Why is Maria Sharapova not in the list of greatest women's tennis players? Born in Switzerland inthis year-old player became a professional player in and is still winning titles today like Wimbledon in No disrespect to her wonderful tennis career, she was a great player, but the top 10 might be a reach. Between andthe U. She was well on her way to being a legitimate rival to Steffi Graf, but a stabbing incident in stopped her career Uber Isst Erstmals Promo-Code - Fmasacbio4 just as she was ascending to the top of the game. Ellsworth Vines. Answer: I think Kim Clijsters is more of a top 20 all-time player. France won the tournament.

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Pete Sampras Pete Sampras via famousface. Roger Federer can easily be considered one of the top tennis players of all time. Born in Switzerland in , this year-old player became a professional player in and is still winning titles today (like Wimbledon in ). Making a list of the greatest tennis players of all time is certainly a challenging task. The game has changed so much, and the racquets, in particular, have turned the modern game into something vastly different from the past. With that being said, one of the best ways to compare players is to look at grand slam totals. Nadal is the greatest tennis player of all time because he won his 19 Grand Slam singles titles in a 5 year shorter timeframe than Federer’s 20 Grand Slam singles titles. Warren on June 08, Gonzalo, your logic is absolutely ridiculous. Nadal is the greatest tennis player of all time. HHfan on May 31, The top 3 ATP ranked players as of February are all above 30, with Roger Federer being 38 years of age, Rafael Nadal being 33, and Novak Djokovic being Sampras' victory at Wimbledon arguably established him as the greatest male player of all time (until Roger Federer eclipsed him).
Best Tennis Player Of All Time
Best Tennis Player Of All Time


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