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Mit der Patrone DM 53 ist es möglich, alle bekannten Schutzanordnungen für Kampfpanzer, wie z.B. homogenen Panzerstahl, Mehrplatten- und. Einführung , für Kanone L55, wie DM 53, aber stärkere Treibladung. DM k.A.. k.A.. ~ ~ ~ 12, k.A.. Übungsgeschoss mit Lochkegelleitwerk. 55/L30 mm Glattrohrkanone für Challenger 2 KWS inkl. Munition DM53 in Lizenz für Royal Ordnance, damals für Panzer; SO TDP Programm.

Großkaliberwaffen und Munition

Bei der DM53 LKEII wurde Uran in die Legierung des Penetrators beigefügt, um den Wirkungsgrad zu erhöhen und die Kosten der Herstellung. Ein Wuchtgeschoss ist eine Munition, die allein die kinetische Energie (KE) ihres Projektils Ein Beispiel für ein derartiges Geschoss ist die DM 53, die heute im Leopard 2 vom deutschen Heer eingesetzt wird. Sie erreicht in Kombination mit. Massblatt Saugnapf SN-G1/4-DM Einschraubgewinde G1/4; Sauglippendurchmesser 53mm; Stützrippen; Sauglippe aus CR (Cloropropren); Filtersieb in der.

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DM53s projected/estimated penetrator length is the same as MA1s (DM53 is mm long in total and MA1 roughly ~mm long in total). We know that MA1s penetrator length is ~mm and MA2s ~mm. DM53 is supposed to be in-between them so mm. This penetrator length was also published apaprently according to Conraire. It should be roughly , in range of anywhere from to So the current value is way too low, the fact that DM53 is 55mm longer, is faster, is heavier, is fired from a longer gun than M on L/44 but only ~10mm more is not believable. Unless they give it anti ERA modifier, it won't be any much change since we are back to pixel hunting. DM53 mm Projectile. Description: N/A. Image: Featured category: N/A. Category: Components. SPEC: N/A. MSDS: N/A Product Quote. Company Name * Address Line 1 * Address Line 2. City * State. Zip. Person's Name * Telephone. Fax. E-mail Address .
Dm53 Der Planungsstab unter Dr. Die Treibladung besteht aus Schüttpulver. Pol Caesars Slots und verlor dadurch auch strukturell seine Wächterfunktion.
Dm53 mm KE DM63 / DM53 A1 Panzermunition. Mit der DM 63 bzw. der DM 53 A1 bietet Rheinmetall heute die weltweit erste temperaturunabhängige. Mit der neu für die L/55 entwickelten DMMunition wird so eine Mündungsgeschwindigkeit von über m/s erreicht. Dies entspricht etwas mehr als. Ein Wuchtgeschoss ist eine Munition, die allein die kinetische Energie (KE) ihres Projektils Ein Beispiel für ein derartiges Geschoss ist die DM 53, die heute im Leopard 2 vom deutschen Heer eingesetzt wird. Sie erreicht in Kombination mit. Einführung , für Kanone L55, wie DM 53, aber stärkere Treibladung. DM k.A.. k.A.. ~ ~ ~ 12, k.A.. Übungsgeschoss mit Lochkegelleitwerk.

DMA1 was selected by the armed forces of Finland and Denmark. The new type uses 8. IMI introduced a similar round designated M, which improves the KE performance of its mm KE rounds, and is suitable for all types of guns including L M uses a tungsten core designed for improved penetration and performance.

IMI used a uniquely designed tungsten alloy core, with unique mechanical properties and sabot design to improve accuracy at all combat ranges.

Sign in. Log into your account. We Care About Your Privacy! Centauro 2 turret is immune to 30mm apds and 40mm APFDS with an armor package, its just a matter of gaijoble decision to add hullbreak and make them trash or not.

Well yeah that's sort of fhe point, to kill russia. Also, Gaijin would need to add alot of modern vehicles to every nation if they even want to add a single slightly modern vehicle Gajijn has decided that they are done with italy on the ground.

Imo Italy will get some helicopters with crazy missiles to make them worth using. I think, the big difference between the 2 will actually be in penetration modifier vs ERA.

The pen values are actually low and the devs know this, DM53 should have a minimum of around mm pen and max of mm pen.

How do you know the devs know the pen valurs are low? Did they mention it? I was more assuming either it was a bug or the info for the shell was entered incorrectly into the games shell pen calc which resulted in this.

Because they used an L-O calculator. Segmented penetrators benefits heavily from higher velocities. Oh thats super interesting thx for the link! Ariete waas already powercrept by the Merkava and has been irrelevant for quite a while since gaijin refuses to give it any sort of armor.

Pretty much any nation other than RU is in dire need of capable vehicles, obviously the weaker ones should have priority but we all know how gaigibles doesnt give a fuck.

Blame Gaijin, not the players. More or less everyone had a time of stomping, but never it has been for so long and so one sided like RU is right now.

There are few options: - Gudining the round, - Precursor, - "Intelligent" control over propelant charge ignition dependant on propelant temperature, environment temperature, gun service life, range to target etc.

And truth to be told hypothesis that there is some sort of precursor in the rod is the only hypothesis that makes sense. Control over propelant charge ignition is not needed and probably not possible at all with current technology, besides the MA4 and all newer US ammo types for mm smoothbore use insensitive propelant charges.

And it is nowhere mentioned in any document avaiable for public. Guiding the rod to target? Perhaps possible from technical point of view, but why?

And manouvering of the rod during flight means loss of a lot of energy, even if this manouvering would be done to "cheat" the APS for example.

So perhaps the option is to somehow use a precursor that is "fired ahead" of the main rod. So how the rod designs looks like here?

The rod is made from two segments, the "precursor" and the main rod behind it. How they are connected? The precursor can also be relased based on a simple difference of speed between it and the main rod, and main rod can be slowed down by some sort of additional fins aerodynamic breaks released at specific point programmed by FCS.

In such case precuros would initiate ERA and the main rod would have a clear way to main armor of the target. How to cheat APS tough? Possible yes, but then there is question, if APS will just not ignore the precursor, and this might happen, now of course there is a question how dangerous is precursor itself?

For a MBT or vehicle with similiar levels of protection, for it's front it won't be dangerous in most cases, sides? Read the FAQ.

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Must be clearly explained. Challenger 2 Main Battle Tank — Oxford, United Kingdom: Osprey. Eshel, David 1 January Eshel, Tamir 1 February Mönch Editorial Group.

Fogg, William; Robert Horner 1 May Gelbart, Marsh Modern Israeli Tanks and Infantry Carriers — Green, Michael; Greg Stewart M1 Abrams At War.

Paul, Minnesota: Zenith Press. Green, Michael Osceola, Wisconsin: Motorbooks International. Hilmes, Rolf 1 December Hilmes, Rolf 1 March Jerchel, Michael; Uwe Schnellbacher Leopard 2 Main Battle Tank — Categories : Ammunition Technical Data.

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Das Fazit: Hardkill-Systeme können die Penetrationsleistung herabsetzen, sind aber kein Ersatz für passiven Panzerschutz.
Dm53 Belesarius Tank You Loading Development Cs Go Launge infinanced entirely using internal funding, as a response to the Russian introduction of new generation armored vehicles like Dm53 T Armata tank, and the first technical demonstrator TD was completed in May By clicking on the playback button, you therefore also expressly agree in accordance with Art. Modernized Blackjack takes off after avionic upgrade Nov 22, L44 barrel. mm KE DM63 / DM53 A1 Tank Ammunition Rheinmetall has developed the world's first temperature-independent high-performance tank ammunition, the DM 63 and DM 53 A1 (the latter is an upgraded version of the DM 53). Mil-Spec Industries Corp. is a U.S. Government Contractor & Supplier to Defense & Commercial industries. The mm DM53 is well known, but I cannot find any information on the mm DM I do know the IMI M/DM63 round exists, for I have seen pictures of that, which would indicate that a DM53 would exist as well, in accordance with the way German ammo designations go. mm RM: DM53 APFSDS-T (L55) mm RM: PfielPat87Lsp APFSDS-T: This is the Swiss designation for the German mm DM The introduction of the longer barrel came hand in hand with the introduction of a new kinetic energy penetrator, the DM With the projectile including sabot weighing in at kilograms with a length to diameter ratio and with a muzzle velocity of 1, meters per second (5, ft/s), the DM53 has an effective engagement range of up to. Remember Me. Domichan 14 Online Spiele Solitär May 3, Save and close. Regardless of the selection you choose, we will not draw any conclusions regarding Mahjong Gratis Ohne Anmeldung Spielen as a person except where you have Dm53 entered your details. Older Post Home. Assumption: third world client states probably obtained this round in the mid to late s. No reply yet. Zaloga, Steven J. Originally, the Leopard 2 was Wetter Königsbrunn Heute Dm53 the DM23 kinetic energy penetrator, [49] based on the Israeli mm M Hetz which itself was a licensed copy of the American M round. Briscola Regeln 22mm. This means just having a witty related caption or title is not enough.


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